The QA tool for AI

No more data science silos. Catch errors early. Build trust in the AI.

A no-code interface to your AI model allowing non-technical users to inspect, analyse and give feedback on the AI results and data.

Analyse, Feedback

Powerful and intuitive no-code model and data explorer

Maximise your model’s chances of success by giving domain experts the right tools.

  • Find business-critical errors before your model goes live

    Let domain experts analyse and visualise the results to look for hidden biases or costly errors.

  • Keep the feedback loop tight

    No more back and forth with spreadsheets attached to emails

  • Maximise transparency and organisational trust

    Increase the confidence in your AI across your organisation by making the results and limitations more transparent.

Seamless integration to your workflow

Publish your results and review feedback directly from a Jupyter Notebook


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