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DataQA is a Slack-native knowledge management app that helps teams bookmark, tag and save information inside Slack.

Better access to knowledge

Stay in the loop

Better access to information increases productivity, accountability and employee onboarding success

For Product Managers.
Bookmark important product discussions, screenshots, explainers.
For Business Operations.
Keep track of links and content shared about companies and market trends.
For tech leads.
Save frequently asked questions to help new joiners.
For everybody.
Follow topics of interest and get digests so you never miss anything.
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A better way to send money.

Save all the important information

Save frequently-asked questions, shared screenshots and important discussions.

No more repetitive questions

Improve the onboarding experience for new joiners and senior employees.

Keep your current process

Unlike other apps, you don't need to leave Slack or rewrite any content. DataQA just works off your current flow.

How it works

You don't need to change anything about the way you work. DataQA integrates seamlessly.


Ask questions

Ask a question by doing "@DataQA <your question>".


Save answers

Save an answer in one simple single step.

Meet our team

  • Maria Mestre


    After getting a PhD in signal processing from Cambridge University, Maria went to work as a data scientist for different companies in ad-tech, health social media and enterprise software. In her last role as a product manager at Oracle, she led the efforts to add personalised results into Oracle’s search. Maria has over a decade of experience building products with highly sensitive data.

  • Stuart Quin


    Stuart has spent his career developing complex web applications and products for a range of industries including e-commerce, ad-tech and financial services. He has over 15 years of experience as technical lead developing full-stack applications across different cloud platforms for companies such as Credit Suisse or Treatwell.

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